CDP Software-Download Request Form

The information requested below is needed to provide you with upgrades and other information and to permit you to transfer the software to additional computers in the future.  This information will be filed confidentially by Casuarina Aquatics, Inc., and will NOT be shared with any outside organization or company.

By submitting this form and requesting a copy of CDP dive-planning software, you certify that you will use the software in a manner consistent with your formal training and certification and that you assume full responsibility for using it in a safe and prudent manner in accordance with the terms of the CDP software license agreement.

You should receive a Serial Number (installation password) by e-mail within 24 hours of downloading CDP.  If you do not receive the Serial Number, either inquire by e-mail (see below) or submit the Serial-Number Request form found elsewhere on this web site.

Please provide the following contact information:

First Name  
Last Name  
Work Phone  
Home Phone  
Web site URL (if available)  

Please enter your three highest certification levels -- the certification agency, the level of training, and the certification number:

Certification Agency 1  
Certification Level 1  
Certification Number 1  

Certification Agency 2  
Certification Level 2  
Certification Number 2  

Certification Agency 3  
Certification Level 3  
Certification Number 3  

Please enter any comments you would like to make regarding your interest in CDP or reasons for requesting the software:

inquire: [email protected]


CDP Download-Request Form
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